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"Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." - Gene Fowler

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Completed Books:
Panorama (Contemporary Fantasy)
Abbey, the Lion-Tamer (Children's literature)
That Voodoo You Do (Urban Fantasy)

Books in Progress:
Werewolves of London (Urban Fantasy)

Future Books:
The Daughter of the Devil Himself (young adult)
Bridgespan (historical fiction)

Maeve Binchy
Agatha Christie
L.M. Montgomery

Christopher Moore
Terry Pratchett
Spider Robinson
Minette Walters

Bio: I recently started my own film production company, if a name...(more)


June, 2014: I officially became a published author, when my short story "Under Cover(s)" was accepted by
You can read it here: "Under Cover(s)"

May, 2013: I finished the first draft of my second novel.

January, 2012: I started my second novel, That Voodoo You Do.

January, 2012: Having received no response to my first agent query, I have sent my query to the Query Shark for critique.

November, 2011: I sent out my first agent query.

May, 2011: I finished the first draft of my first novel.

April, 2007: Reading Holly Lisle's suggestion on that your minimum word count, unless you're writing something like romance novels, should be 80,000 words. Just had my tangible goal increased by nearly double.

August, 2003: Reading Donald Westlake's Adios Shéhérazade; the main character is a writer of romance novels, and explains that his system is to write 10 chapters of 5,000 words each, which makes one 50,000-word book. Voila! Christina Upton, master procrastinator, has a tangible goal to work towards.

FNAQs (Frequently Not-Asked Questions)
As an unpublished author, I never get asked any questions by young, hopeful authors.

Q: How can I learn to write a book?
A: I've decided in this process that the best way to learn how to write a book is to... (more)

As an unpublished author, I occasionally go to literary functions so that I can peer at published authors:

Toronto Screenwriting Conference, April 11-12 2015, Toronto, ON
World Fantasy Convention, November 5-8 2015, Saratoga Springs, NY

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