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"I have everything I need to be a writer; a ream of paper and the delusion that I'm talented." - Gaylord Buzzard in "Broom Hilda"

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I am a confirmed book geek, having been reading ever since I got my first library card at the age of three. I never learned grammar in grade school, because some morons at the Toronto Board of Ed. apparently decided that teaching grammar was too restrictive or some kind of crap like that. My grammar is entirely intuitive, a result of having read a lot. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from York University (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and while I was there, took three writing courses, two in Creative Writing, and one in Playwriting. This means that I am woefully unqualified to be a writer, but fortunately no one ever asks to see my credentials.

I recently started my own film production company, if a name and a Facebook page count as ďstarting a companyĒ. Currently itís intended to showcase my own film and television scripts, although ideally Iíd like to function as an Executive Producer/Artistic Director; decide what projects Iíd like to see made, raise the funds, and then hand them over to teams of people who do the things I donít do, produce, direct, i.e., everything but write. Our first step is going to be pitching a steampunk action-adventure web series called Adventurers at Large to the Independent Production Fund. Further bulletins as events warrant.

When I get back to prose, Iíll be working on my third novel, a project called Werewolves of London, an urban fantasy about, oddly enough, a family of werewolves living in London, Ontario. My second novel, That Voodoo You Do, is a dark comedy about a man turned into a zombie in the traditional Haitian style by an incompetent witch doctor, and my first novel, Panorama, is a comic contemporary fantasy incorporating elements of Greek mythology. Sometime before I die, I would like to write a secret history, just because they seem neat.

I currently live in Toronto with one supportive husband and one psychotic tabby cat. Agents who are interested in my work and readers who would like to send me cookies can contact me here.

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