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"Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original and the part that is original is not good." - attributed to Samuel Johnson

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Completed Books:
That Voodoo You Do (Urban Fantasy)
Robert Valentine is a man with a promising career and a beautiful girlfriend. When he finds out that they have a baby on the way, he turns her into his fiancee, and things are just about perfect, until her unexpected death puts a huge hole in his life. Unable to overcome his depression, he enlists a Haitian bokor (sometimes known as a witch doctor), to assist him in his suicide. Expecting to find a blissful release in death, he is very surprised a week later to be brought back to life... well, sort of.

Panorama (Contemporary Fantasy)
Wilhelmina Brown (Willie to her friends and Mina to her mother) is an average woman with an average life. As a reporter for a ladies’ magazine, Willie is resigned to writing for bored women in checkout lines and waiting rooms. Enter Buck Capra, the charismatic leader of a group of hippies in Louisiana, who some people say is a god. Willie’s editor sends her down to Arcadia, LA, to get the story on Buck and his followers, but what she gets is so much more than a magazine article. Panorama offers a light-hearted twist on Greek mythology in the vein of Christopher Moore, delivering a compelling world stocked with nymphs, oracles and more gods than you’d expect to find in northern Louisiana.

Abbey, the Lion-Tamer (Children's literature)
Abbey is all set to go out and weed the dandelions like her mother asks, until one of them... ROARS at her! What's a girl to do?

Books in progress:
Werewolves of London (Urban Fantasy)
When Sarah starts attending University of Western Ontario, she finds lots of new challenges in starting a new school in a new town, like meeting a new set of classmates, doing her own laundry, discovering a family of werewolves. It's a good thing she has her best friend, Damian, there to help her balance her homework load with investigating a serial killer, or she might just get in over her head.

Future Books:
The Daughter of the Devil Himself (young adult)
Bridgespan (historical fiction)

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